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Koranol® Grund Farblos (Primer Colourless)

Solvent-based wood preservation primer based on alkyd resin


For outdoor area.

For the treatment of coniferous wood outdoors, which is then to receive a final decorative coating of scumble, paint or lacquer. Provides preventative protection from ot, blue stain and mould infestation. Suitable for exterior cladding, gates, pergolas, fences etc.

Approved biocidal product as per Regulation (EC) 528/2012.


  • Enhances durability and the adhesion of subsequent coats
  • Good penetration into wood
  • Low-odour

Use biocidal products carefully.
Always read the labelling and product information before use.

  • Protection against blue stain, mould and rot
  • Ideal for coniferous wood
  • Tested application quantity:
    135–140 ml/m2
  • Container sizes:
    0.75 l | 2.5 l | 5 l | 20 l
  • Download
    Technical data sheet

Suitable with:

Koranol® Impregnation Scrumble
Koranol® Compact MSL