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Koralan® Design Scumble: References

  • D1 Tower Dubai

    Product used: Koralan® Design Scumble

  • Office building in Freudenstadt

    Products used:
    Outside: Koralan® Design Scumble Silver
    Indoors: Koralan® Decorative Scumble ALU Silver

  • Züfle Schindelschalung

    Product used: Koralan® Lasure design pyrite

  • Restaurants of the Hotel Lago, Ulm

    Product used: Koralan® Design Scumble Pyrite

  • Holiday home LUKAS of Butenas

    Products used:
    outside: Koralan® Designlasur (Design Scumble) Sand
    inside: Koralan® Dekorlasur (Decorative Scumble) Opal White
    Windows and doors in contrasting colours with Koranol® (Imprägnierlasur) Impregnation scumble walnut

  • Summer house and fence

    Product used:

    Summer house: Koralan® Impregnation Primer White, Koralan® Exterior Paint Light Grey and White
    Fence: Koralan® Design Scumble Quarz

D1 Tower Dubai
Office building
Züfle Schindelschalung
Hotel Lago
Holiday home LUKAS of Butenas
Summer house and fence