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Koralan® Tint System

Produces almost any colour for seven KORA® products.

As a high performance all-in-one solution, the Koralan® Tint System offers all the advantages of a tinting technique at the point of sale.

As a fully automated colour mixing system, X-SMART® is the first choice at all points of sale where space is limited. Inexpensive, efficient and quick. The "small" solution for specialist retailers!

The optimised colourant system in the tried and tested, KORA® quality offers a high degree of flexibility and a wide choice of colours - with minimal storage and effort.

On-site support and technical service provided by the KORA® team as well as the perfectly coordinated modular system ensure a smooth and continuous operation.

Please feel free to contact us!

Tintable KORA® Products

Koralan® Exterior Paint White
Container sizes: 0.75 l | 2.5 l | 10 l

Koralan® Exterior Paint Base Half White / Colouress
Container sizes: 0.71 l | 2.35 l | 9.4 l

Koralan® Colour Scumble Base
Container sizes: 0.74 l | 2.45 l | 9.8 l | 19.6 l

Koralan® Decorative Scumble Basic A+B
Container sizes: 0.73 l | 2.43 l | 9.7 l | 19.4 l

Koralan® Design Scumble Base
Container sizes: 0.98 l | 2.45 l | 18.13 l

Koralan® Luxery Wax Base
Container sizes: 0.74 l | 2.45 l | 9.8 l

Koralan® Wood Oil Base Colourless
Container sizes: 0.74 l | 2.45 l | 9.8 l | 19.6 l

Koralan® Greying Scumble Base
Container sizes: 0.74 l | 2.45 l | 9.8 l | 19.6 l

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